Free Business Websites: 4 Easy Steps To Get Online

Thanks to the rapidly evolving internet, it is now simple to set up free business websites, and while there’s a little bit of a learning process, it certainly isn’t rocket science, as they say. Thanks to WordPress software and the opensource developers who constant push it further and further forward, creating a near push-button web development solution, there’s no excuse not to be leveraging modern tools for your business. And there is no purpose why you should not be reaching the far-reaching hand of the web.

Here are some basic instructions to make free websites:

Go sign up for a web-hosting account. For me I recommend Hostgator. They offer sets with unlimited domains at the lowest price per month and have a reputation as one of the best website hosting services on the websites. Now, it might appear strange to talk about a regular bill when we are discussing free websites, but you need to realize that hosting isn’t the same as your website.

If someone offers you a free house, but you had to spend for the goods it was sitting on – a regular bill – would the home still be free? Assured it would, and that’s what hosting is all concerning. It’s like your regular fee to use the property or to have a claim on a piece of the internet.

So now, pick yourself a great domain that represents the image you want to convey and, if you know SEO, is search engine friendly.

After you install up your website hosting, upload the free WordPress software by a simple program on your panel that is known as Fantastico. WordPress software is an opensource blogging platform which has transformed free webpage design and is excellent for research engine optimization. To upload, open Fantastico, select “WordPress” on the upper best sidebar and follow the directions.

Add content and images to your free websites. Once you have uploaded the software and selected a professional theme, development is a breeze, though you may want to research setting up a more custom issue than the ones provided. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the many features, and once you understand the program, use posts to create a dynamic blog page with a steady flow of relevant content or static pages to advertise your business or services. Images can be added to the sidebars by editing the HTML, but a user-friendly image uploader is available
to put pictures into individual posts.

Advertise your site through online classifieds, writing articles, or engaging in relevant discussions with a joint in your signature file. Also, learning about search engine optimization, PPC,
and backlinking can improve your online success exponentially.

This evolving technology is apparently not perfect – no technology is – but all it takes is a little learning. Sometimes things won’t look quite how you need them to, and you may have to do
a little research to figure out how to customize around the curves, but there are many resources on the web to find out everything you need to know about maintaining your free organization websites. Once again, there’s just no reason for you not to be online.

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