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If you are an animator, designer, illustrator or anything related to the visual communication you will probably be interested in making your work known, you would probably like to be part of an
organization that guarantees you to safeguard your professional, economic, and legal interests. That is Grafill, a Norwegian organization that has more than 1300 professional members and students in the fields of graphic design, illustration, animation, cartoon chess and interaction design, this organization also works to raise the quality and the ethical level of the subjects and improve their education in the subjects.

Make my art known

Many artists have the problem of being the best in their areas but they do not know how to publicize their works, in nowadays internet marketing is one of the best ways to connect with many people around the world to share any kind of information, many enterprises, organizations, and artists use this method to publicize their products and make their image known around the world with more efficiency, with less effort and in less time, in this article we will give you some tips to make your amazing works more popular.

How can you introduce your art on the web?

Staten Island SEO Service

It depends on what you produce, Animations? Pictures? Logos? Videos? Music? Many people like to use YouTube to upload their material, Facebook or others social webs, but even though they are very good options they are certainly not the only ones; Brooklyn SEO Services is a is a multimedia company dedicated to serving and informing the people of Staten Island every day in print and online, it is composed of 12 affiliated news and information websites that rank first among local media in their respective markets and more than 30 affiliate newspapers known for their
award-winning journalism, this group offers cheap seo services to create your own blog and become popular in the community of Stated Island, Brooklyn seo services is also a great option.

Make a YouTube Channel

If you create videos, animations, music etc. may one of the best options for you to create a you tube channel, for this, the only thing that you have to do it to enter into YouTube, create an account and automatically you will have your own channel created, then click in the top right part that says “upload video“ and YouTube will do the rest, at first you will have to promote it a little by yourself but as you increase you subscription number you won’t need to do it again every time you publish material, the site will do in for you!.

Create your own blog on your web page.

This is strongly linked to the first point, if you create your own web page and upload your contend periodically in there you do not have to depend on other sites politics, that is a very important factor to media developers, but this is very important, if don not know how to guarantee that searchers like google will suggest your page to the public make sure you have the services of a good seo positioner, seo is the way that we optimize the content to make google present it to the public, so if you do not know how do not hesitate to go to our recommendation in the first point.

These were some tips that we give you to make a better known artist by using internet, there are many other ways to which you can recur, internet is a very large web of contents and information going and coming all the time, if you don´t find a way that suits your comfort do not despair, it is only question to look in the indicated places to find what you want.


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