Turnkey Websites Can Increase Your Website Portfolio

A turnkey website is a ready-made website waiting for you to use. This means that everything that is required to run it has been done for you; therefore, all you have to do is promote the site to receive web traffic. Free turnkey websites do increase your site portfolio easily and quickly with a less of technical skills needed. Each day, thousands of new sites are uploaded to the Internet, and many fail due to lack of knowledge, lousy SEO, and lack of marketing by the owner. The number one reason new website ventures fail is poor website design. Now you can solve this problem with a turnkey website.
Unless you are a savvy designer and web programmer, chances are it will take you away to long to learn coding and HTML. These type of websites come with pre-designed themes that can be customized to any business; automotive, beauty, health, quilting, just about anything imaginable. Simply pick the theme that targets your business idea, and leave the site design, graphics and programming to them.
Do you have some business ideas? Then consider purchasing a group of related turnkey websites surrounding a particular free niche website. The more specialization you have, the better chance you have of establishing yourself and your products, and increasing your Internet presence. More visibility translates to more customers buying products. Alternatively, you can raise your web portfolio by buying several unrelated websites, in micro-niche areas, where there is little or no competition.
There are some Internet companies that offer pre-made or free turnkey websites. Before buying anything, do a quick ‘Google’ check to see if they have many negative comments about them. Narrow your search to three possible companies, and read the faqs. Do they deliver to your country? Do they offer free email consultations or live help?
Any good free website provider will list a variety of templates for you to choose from and give you access to ‘demo’ sites where you can gain some idea of what your site will look like. A good free turnkey website will already me monetized. AdSense, Amazon, and Clickbank coding should be done, leaving only your affiliate id’s to be entered upon purchasing your site.
Costs vary greatly in this industry. Beware any offer that is too good to be true; very cheap sites come with little or no customer support; very expensive turnkey sites may offer features that you will never use and purchase them may affect your bottom line. Good sites will include 24/7 technical assistance after your purchase is made.
The free turkey script will increase the website portfolio fast, because they can be purchased, professionally designed, customized and online usually within three business days. Most turnkey sites come with pre-loaded articles, a site navigation map, and video clips to get customers interest piqued. An opt-in list should be available to keep customers up to date on sales and deals, and advertising links create quick revenue.
The best thing about free websites is how little effort you need personally. With all the programming, design and e-commerce tasks are taken care of; your time is freed up to focus on promotions and marketing. By focusing almost exclusively on sales, even newbies online can expect to make some decent money through turnkey websites.

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